What Are The Best Home Weather Stations? – What The Experts Say

When it comes to getting a great home weather station you want the most reliable machine.

Because you might have a lot riding on knowing exactly what the weather is doing at any given time.

This is especially true if you are a farmer, gardener, or landscaper.

Weather stations should give you information not just on the weather, but the humidity, the temperature, the direction of the rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, and barometric pressure.

So where can you get a really good weather station for your home? What features should a great home weather station offer?

Well, I have compiled a list of the best home weather stations based on what the experts are saying and my experience as a meteorologist for almost 30 years.

Best Home Weather Stations


Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Smart Weather Station

This first weather station comes with plenty of amazing features that will allow you to keep precise track of the weather and all of its changes.

You can set this one up very easily and soon have frequent data updates on what the weather is doing, second-by-second, which is great if you need to keep a close eye on it.

The best thing about this weather station is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to monitor its progress.

This is because it has smart features, allowing you to read the temperature from your laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone.

You can get updates from one of the world’s biggest weather networks, which is very important if you are trying to get updates quickly and efficiently.

One thing that you’ll want from a weather station is reliable information from a trusted source.

This comes with an extremely smart wind meter that will allow you to very accurately determine the direction and the speed of the wind in miles and kilometers per hour.

This wind meter has no moving parts, meaning that it will not wear down over time.

This makes this wind meter a lot more sensitive, giving you a great readout that will change as the weather changes.

This comes with an ultrasonic sensor which is even more sensitive to changes in wind speed. It will transmit the information a lot quicker.

This comes with a full-color display monitor, allowing you to track the changes in the weather with a high degree of accuracy.

You can fix this display to the wall, which is great if you want to be able to consult your readout without having to go searching for your display.

You can read this one during the day or the night, you can even amend the background to dark or light, which will help you with readouts during the day and avoid eye strain during the night.

This comes with plenty of data that is calculated to give you a very accurate readout. Some of this data includes:

  • Wind chill
  • Heat index
  • Dew point
  • Gust (this is updated in 16-second intervals)
  • Average wind speed and direction (updated every 10 minutes)
  • Sunrise forecast
  • Sunset forecast
  • Moon phases

Each of these is displayed with a time stamp and is archived, which will allow you to measure these weather conditions over the course of weeks and months, allowing you to find patterns.

You can save a lot of this data on an SD card, which is also very useful if you are tracking your data over a long period of time.

You can also export a lot of this information into Excel, which will allow you to compound your data in a way that is easy to understand.

This weather station also comes with a solar panel, so you will not have to worry about powering this one independently, although you can operate this one with batteries.

The ultrasonic sensor array is probably what is the most impressive thing about this machine.

This can connect to your console through a wifi link, although the signal itself will not be able to pass through solid substances such as metal or earth.

Other great features include the rain cup, which is extra large to provide more accuracy for your readouts.

You can place it wherever you like on your machine. We recommend that it is ground-placed for greater accuracy.


  • Large rain cup - if you want to measure the level of rainfall over a period of time, then this rain gauge will allow you to do it with complete accuracy.
  • Plenty of accurate weather features - whether it is monitoring the wind speed or the direction of the wind.
  • Regular updates - this will provide accurate updates according to meteorological stations from up and down the country.
  • Affordable - this is actually very affordable, which is great if you are trying to stick to a budget.


  • Wifi difficulty - the wifi has difficulty reaching from the main unit to the LED screen, especially through solid metal or earth.

Also Available From: Ambient Weather


Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station

Next up, we have another very reliable unit that will allow you to track the weather conditions through an LED screen that is very easy to read.

You can keep a close eye on the indoor and outdoor conditions of your home. This will include wind speed and rainfall.

You can also monitor the amount of UV, which is great if you have children and want to avoid them getting sunburnt.

But that’s not all, this machine can monitor a whole lot more than that.

You can also track the outdoor and indoor humidity, which is great if you are growing plants and want to see whether you should move their location or not.

This will also calculate the dew levels and how much wind chill there is.

This is very important if you are going out on a long hike and you want to know whether you should pack warm for the variable temperatures ahead.

One of the best things about this device is the fact that you can monitor the weather conditions from the comfort of your own home through your tablet or smart device.

This company uses its own exclusive weather monitoring system to deliver accurate readouts.

This comes with a sensor array that is solar powered, which means that you won’t have to find any power from additional sources.

However, you can also power this one through batteries, which is especially good on a cloudy day.

The sensor array also comes with a mounting bracket, which is great for getting the right position, as this will give you a more accurate readout and make it much easier for maintenance.

You’ll need an iPod to operate this weather system, which might limit you if you are using a windows operating device.

It will also require you to download the AmbientTool application.

This weather station will help you to track both indoor and outdoor temperatures, which is great if you are cultivating plants in a greenhouse and need to keep a close eye on the fluctuations of both.


  • Portable and adjustable - getting the right position for your weather station is very important, especially if it gets buffeted in strong wind and you need to reposition it.
  • Great connectivity - through a great wifi connection, you can be sure that you’ll get regular weather updates without interruption.
  • Great construction - this weather station comes with great build quality, which is perfect if you need something that will withstand all weather.
  • Many features - if you want to get full coverage from your weather station, then this one has it all - rainfall monitoring as well as wind direction and speed.


  • Need Apple system - if you are using Windows, then this device will not be of much use to you. Having to buy a new tablet device might also put you off if you are trying to stay within your budget.

Also Available From: Ambient Weather


Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station with LCD Console

This next instrument has been tried and tested for many years and has garnered thousands of great reviews, which is a testament to its build quality and sheer range of features.

One of the best things about this is the console.

It comes with very easy-to-read forecast icons, all of which will let you know what weather is about to arrive, whether it be sunshine, rain or snow.

It also comes with a wonderful ‘this time yesterday’ feature, which will allow you to compare the weather at this time today with what the weather was at that time yesterday.

This is great for building up a wider picture of what the weather is doing. One of the best things about this system is the early weather warning alarms.

When the weather starts getting a little dicey, this weather station will alert you using a whole range of different alarm systems (22 to be precise).

This will update you on the wind speed every 2.5 seconds, measuring in miles per hour, meters per second, kilometers per hour and knots.

This is great for giving you the full spectrum of wind speed.

This machine cannot be more accurate and you can share whatever weather information you have gathered easily and quickly using the wifi connection that is built into the weather station.

You can even synch this one up with your Alexa, which will announce the change in the weather depending on what alerts you set for it.

This comes with a lithium battery, but if you are worried about it running out of juice halfway through an operation, then it comes with an onboard solar panel that you can use to charge it regularly.

This also comes with great weather protective capabilities, which is great if you are going to be leaving it out in the elements for a long time.

We found that the UV protection was particularly effective in shielding this weather system from UV rays.

This weather station is also very easy to install, which is what makes it such an appealing unit.

You can have this one ready, switched on and giving you updates within 30 minutes.


  • Great alarm system - if you want a weather station that will warn you when bad weather is about to arrive, then this is a great model to have.
  • Packed with features - whether it is the rain monitoring, wind speed and direction monitoring, or indoor/outdoor humidity gauge, this station gives you plenty of accurate readouts.
  • Great wifi connectivity - if you want your readouts to be delivered quickly and easily to your smart device, then try this unit, as it comes with fast and largely uninterrupted connection speed.
  • Weather-proof - this comes with a cover that you can use to shield it from the rain. It also comes with built-in UV protection, which will resist a lot of sun damage.


  • Expensive - with so many features comes a much higher price and should only really be purchased by someone who needs complete daily knowledge of the weather.

Also Available From: Davis Instruments


Sainlogic WiFi Weather Station, 10.2 inch large Display Wireless Weather Station, Weather Stations wireless indoor with Rain Gauge and Wind Speed, Weather Forecast, Wind Gauge, Wunderground

An easy-to-understand interface is very important for a weather station, as a lot of the information that is being relayed can sometimes be very daunting to have to absorb.

However, this is where this Sainlogic unit will really help.

This comes with a large, color-coded display that will really break down what each readout means and how it is changing.

This is good if you find it hard to fathom a lot of meteorological information.

You can have all this info beamed straight to your smart device, which means you can monitor what is going on in your garden from the comfort of your very own home.

This is very useful for monitoring the condition of your cherished plants.

You can monitor everything with this device: wind speed, rainfall, phases of the moon, and indoor and outdoor humidity.

If you want this one to alert you when the weather is about to change, then you can.

You can also set timed alerts to tell you what the weather is going to be like every hour on the hour. Or you can even hit the snooze button during the night.

This unit can be moved to any area of the house, which makes it useful if you are busy looking after your family and moving from one room to another.

This comes with a 5-in-1 sensor that includes temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind vane, and precipitation.

This is also great for monitoring the sun and which direction it is coming from.

This unit is also very durable and able to withstand rain, wind, and intensive sunlight over a long period of time.

You’ll be able to track all of the weather conditions using your app, allowing you to view the data historically, which is great for getting a bigger overview.

You can break down the information that you’re tracking using graphs and bar charts.

This versatility will help you to easily understand what is going on with your weather system.


  • Great display - if you want an app that will be able to break down the information easier for you, then this is the weather station for you.
  • Portable - you can carry this from room to room, which is perfect if you are running a busy household.
  • Solar powered - if you are worried about your device running out of juice halfway through an important readout, then don’t worry, this weather station can get plenty of juice from the sun.
  • Highly accurate wind monitor - if you are looking for something that will deliver an accurate wind readout, then this comes with an anemometer that is sturdy and built to withstand harsh winds.


  • Does not come with an online manual - if you lose your physical manual, then you will find it difficult to service your weather station properly.

Also Available From: Sainlogic


Davis Instruments 6163 Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station with UV Sensor, Solar Radiation Sensor and 24-hr Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield

Next up, we have a portable and wireless weather station that will deliver solid updates over a long period of time.

This is a weather station that you can truly rely on and has been proven time and time again to deliver solid results.

This weather station has even been known to record wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour before finally breaking.

This model actually set the world record for the highest wind speeds captured by a home weather station. If you are a storm-chaser, then this is the one for you. Also see "Storm Chaser Equipment for Weather Enthusiasts".

This is also a lot more accurate than a lot of other weather stations that you might find on this list.

This is because the sensors are built from much higher quality and far more durable materials.

This also comes with some amazing protective features including a radiation shield, where the body and panels of the weather station are protected from UV rays.

It will also measure a lot of different metrics, whether it is the humidity or the overall temperature.

This is ideal for any indoor greenhouse situation where knowledge of indoor and outdoor temperatures is crucial.

When it is windy, it might be hard to collect some of the rain but not so with this weather monitor.

Because it comes with a larger cup, you can be sure that it will catch far more drops of rain. This will allow you a more accurate measurement of rainfall.

This weather station does come with more of a complex setup than a lot of the others.

However, this is because this weather station will give you some of the most accurate and reliable readouts time and time again.

This also comes with a great bundle that includes a handy console that is portable and will be a lot easier to use than the standard Vantage Vue console that comes with the main station.

This comes with an integrated sensor, which is solar powered.

This means you won’t have to worry about your weather station giving up the ghost as you are using it.


  • Varied power options - whether you are wanting to use standard battery or solar power, this comes with everything that you’ll need for use throughout the day.
  • High grade construction - whether it is the built-in UV protection or the rainproof cover, this weather station is designed to withstand some of the harsher elements.
  • Regular weather updates - this comes with a fast and reliable wifi connection that will give you weather updates every 2.5 seconds. This is great for getting up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.
  • Monthly readouts - this will give you a historical reading of all of your weather output, which means you can monitor it over a longer period of time.


  • Difficult setup for some - if you are not used to setting up a unit like this, then you might have difficulty with some of the more delicate apparatus.

Also Available From: Davis Instruments


WeatherFi Professional WiFi Weather Station (WF7000) 7-in-1 with 14 weather features including Temperature, Indoor/Outdoor Remote Monitoring, Wireless Color Console with Forecast Data, Alerts and More

Next up, we have one of the most functional and professional weather systems on the market right now.

This is very easy to install, with an easy mount unit that will allow you to stick this weather station straight into the ground.

This comes with a color display that is very easy to understand and will help you delineate between the different readouts, so you won’t be getting humidity mixed up with temperature.

This comes with a lot of the standard poles and sensors, including a wind vane, an anemometer, a rain collector, and a UV solar sensor.

This has an auto-sync function, which means that your unit will automatically transmit data from your weather station to the web so that it can accurately measure the analytics.

This is one of the easiest units to set up, you can have it up and running in under an hour.

This unit will support both imperial and metric units, coming with a simple touch button for various data screens.

This weather station will measure the temperature every 2.4 seconds, which will give you a moment-by-moment live readout.

If you want to avoid mold in your home, then you can use the indoor humidity sensor to tell you when the climate needs to be changed.

If you want to be able to detect storms from miles away, this is another great unit to have.

You’ll be able to see if there are lightning strikes near you, so you can get yourself and your family to safety as quickly as possible.

This even comes with a self-calibrating forecast feature.

This will pull all the data from your back garden and compile it into an estimate of the weather in your immediate vicinity over the coming hours.

This is great if you want to plan a summer barbeque.


  • Monitor mold growth - if you have mold issues in your home, the likelihood will be that it is too humid in your home. So why not get ahead of the curve and alter the humidity before it affects your home?
  • Great temperature functions - if you are looking for a device that will give you clear and concise readouts, then this is a great model to start with.
  • Great power supply - this is a unit that you can charge quickly and comes with a solar-powered backup.
  • Easy to set up - a weather station can be quite a daunting and challenging piece of equipment to set up. However, WeatherFi has done its best to make this process smooth and easy to achieve.


Not that durable to weather - this unit might get knocked down or suffer some functionality issues in extreme weather. If you want to monitor storms, then we would recommend that you go with another unit.


Weather Station with Air Quality Monitor, Temtop New Generation Wireless WiFi Weather Forecast Station Air Quality Monitor with PM2.5 PM10 CO2 Detector for Home

Now we’re really hitting the top-of-the-line home weather station, which can not only monitor the temperature of your environment, but it can also even monitor the air that you’re breathing.

This comes with weather forecasts that you can use to plan your day.

This is very important if you have a large event and need to know what provisions you need to make for the weather beforehand.

This comes in a very elegant design, with an LED screen that will light up clearly during the night or the day.

It easily differentiates between the different readouts, whether you are looking at humidity or precipitation levels.

This comes with a very pared down interface, which will really help anyone who is just getting to grips with what various meteorological terminology means.

As we mentioned above, this will track the quality of the air that you are breathing.

If there are increased levels of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, then this weather station will tell you.

You can even track the different temperatures in each room with your phone.

All you have to do is label each area and your phone will tell you the readouts of the temperature and humidity in each room.

This is connected to the forecast station OpenWeather, which will give you an accurate up-to-the-second weather report.

This is great if you are needing that extra level of precision, for example, if you are going out hang gliding or surfing.

This website has boasted serving around 1 million customers. This is very important if you are looking for reliability.

The more people recommend and use this product, then the more reliable you can guarantee that it is.


  • Great portability - not only can you easily carry the control screen from room to room, but you can also have the readouts sent directly to your phone.
  • Indoor and outdoor atmosphere control - if you are looking for the temperature and humidity in each room in your house, then this is the perfect weather station.
  • Backlight adjustment - there’s nothing worse than a screen that you cannot see during the evening, but don’t worry, this unit gives you great backlighting.
  • Large screen, easy to read data - this weather station won’t bombard you with too much information. It is all laid out in a clear, visible, and easy-to-understand format.


  • Expensive - a weather station packed with so many features comes with a price. If you are sticking to a budget and you only want the basics, then you might want to opt for another unit.

Also Available From: Temtop


Uzoli Professional Weather Stations Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer with WiFi Large 10' LCD Display Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Weather Clock, Weather Forecast, Wind Speed

Next up, we have a multifunctional wireless weather station that will provide you with some of the most accurate and comprehensive weather data that you could ask for.

If you want to turn your own home into a personal meteorological center.

You can measure so many things with this weather station: barometric pressure, dew point, wind speed, and erection and phases of the moon.

This will help you judge the tide if you are going swimming or surfing.

This comes with a large 8-inch color display that will really help you decipher some of these strange readouts.

There is often a lot of information on these weather station consoles, but Uzoli takes pains not to overwhelm you.

You can adjust this screen to different brightness levels, which is just great if you are going to want to monitor the weather into the night.

You can hang your screen on the wall or you can have it lying on the coffee table.

This also comes with a calendar and an alarm, which can both be coordinated to alert you of any extreme weather conditions on any given day.

This indoor weather station will offer you real-time weather forecasts, allowing you to collate previous data in order to make a prediction on weather days, weeks, and months ahead.

You can connect this to a range of different weather networks, which is necessary for building up a much more accurate and macrocosmic picture of how the weather is going to be in your area.

This comes with a 7-in-1 sensor system that includes a wind vane, wind cups, level indicators, thermo-hygrometer, radiation shield, UV protection, and light sensor.

This is one of the best weather stations in terms of construction and will be able to withstand even the most blustery of winds.

You can even put this one out in a raging storm and not have to worry about much damage.


  • Great durability - if you want a weather station for your home that is going to last you for many years, then we would suggest that you pick this model.
  • Many sensors - This comes with many devices and sensors that you can use to pick up different elements, whether it’s wind speed, rainfall, or the amount of UV rays.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature intake - you’ll be able to monitor the heat and the cold inside and outside your home, great if you are growing plants in a greenhouse.
  • Simple display - if you are looking for something with very particular readouts in a manner that you can understand, then this would make a great first weather station.


  • Some find it complicated - despite the fact that this is one of the simpler LED monitors that we have on this list, some people still find it hard to access the various functions.

Best Home Weather Stations Buying Guide

So what are you looking for when you get a weather station for your home?

Well, forecasting the weather might be a slightly obvious answer, although it is more complicated than that. Here are a few features you should be looking for:

What Are The Best Home Weather Stations? - What The Experts Say

How Easy Is It To Install?

When you set up your weather station, you’ll need to make sure you are following the best practice.

This means that you are setting your sensor up in the correct place so they can monitor various things more accurately.

For example, if you are wanting to measure the heat, you must place your temperature sensor in the shade.

This is because the direct sunlight will affect how the heat sensor works and give you an incorrect reading.

You should also be sure that the rain cup is placed close to the ground for ease of maintenance and to prevent any splashback from occurring.

The main thing you should do is consult the weather station’s manual.

One of the key things your manufacturer should provide is an easy-to-read installation manual as well as online tutorials that will show you how to set up your weather station properly.

How Durable Is It?

It is important that you have a very durable weather station, as it will obviously be put in the great outdoors quite often.

Harsh winds and rains are what a weather station will be measuring and it is important that the readouts are accurate.

If you know you are going to measure stormy weather with your weather station, then you’ll need to make sure it is made from sturdy materials that will not rust or corrode over time.

Most of these weather stations are made from a composition of solid steel and plastic. This is to prevent rain from collecting in the circuitry.

It should also go without saying that most weather stations should be waterproof.

How Good Is The Wifi Connection?

The wifi connectivity is very important if you are going to be measuring the weather.

This is so that you can send your findings to whatever meteorological survey your weather station uses and vice versa.

You’ll also want to make sure that your weather stations send your stats and figures to your control panel.

Most of the weather stations listed above come with a decent wifi connection that should work through walls.

Some of the weather stations listed above do not work well through solid walls.

How Is It Powered?

If you really rely on your weather station, then you won’t want it cutting out of power halfway through an important operation.

This is why it is important to have different options when it comes to your power supply.

Some of these weather stations offer lithium batteries or just regular batteries that come from the store.

However, a lot of these units also come with solar options that will allow you to charge the sensors separately.

Having a few different power options will mean that you have a backup for when the main power supply fails. This is very important for the continuity of your readouts.

How Easily Can You Maintain It?

Maintenance is key when you are trying to fix your weather station. You’ll need to be able to access all of the components.

If you are operating your weather station in adverse weather conditions, then the chances are that you’ll need to be fixing it regularly.

You’ll need to make sure that your rain cup is positioned down low so that you can access it for repairs.

Because this part of the weather station is often exposed to rain, then it could be more prone to malfunctions than other parts of the station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Have A Home Weather Station?

There are many different reasons why people have a home weather station.

If you are a gardener and you are keen to cultivate certain outdoor plants, then you’ll regularly want to be checking on the weather.

Also, if you like to engage in certain intense sports such as surfing or hiking, then knowing what the weather's like before you step out will enable you to wear appropriate clothing and possibly avoid danger.

What Are The Main Sensors Used On A Weather Station?

There are a few common sensors that you will be using on your weather station. Here are the main ones:

  • Thermometer - this is for measuring the temperature. You can have thermometers that measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  • Anemometer - this measures wind speed, often given in miles per second, kilometers per hour, or knots.
  • Wind vane - this is for measuring wind direction.
  • Hygrometer - this is for measuring humidity. You can get hygrometers that measure both indoor and outdoor humidity. You should make sure to put this sensor out of direct sunlight.
  • Barometer - this is for measuring the atmospheric pressure.

Final Thoughts

I hope that my list of the best weather stations has helped you consider what to look for with your next purchase.

Andrew Capper