Tornado Season In Texas: Detailed Guide

The state of Texas experiences the highest number of tornadoes in the United States. In this article, I will explore tornado season in Texas, looking at the time of year that Texas is most affected by tornadoes.

Tornado Season In Texas: Detailed Guide

In Texas, tornado season occurs between April and June with the majority of the tornadoes that hit the state occurring at this time.

Texas Tornado Season

Between April and June Texas experiences the largest number of tornadoes making it “tornado season”. On average, 62% of the tornadoes that happen each year occur in April, May, and June. With May the month that experiences the most tornadoes on average in Texas.

Tornadoes In Texas

Texas is the state in the United States that experiences the highest number of tornadoes. There are 132 tornadoes each year on average that hit Texas.

The Northern parts of Texas experience the highest number of tornadoes with the Red River Valley being the most vulnerable area. So many tornadoes hit this part of Texas that it is known as tornado alley.

Tornado alley is the area of Texas with the highest number of tornadoes. In this area, not only are there a very high number of tornadoes but this is where the most damaging and severe tornadoes are known to occur.

In tornado alley, air masses often collide causing severe thunderstorms to happen. From these severe thunderstorms, powerful tornadoes are generated.

Largest Number Of Tornadoes In Texas

In September 1967 there was a large storm that occurred becoming a category five hurricane known as Hurricane Beulah. During this hurricane, there were 115 tornadoes recorded in 5 days across southeast Texas.

Almost 20 of these tornadoes took place on the same day making September 20th the day with the most tornadoes recorded in the state of Texas.

Why Does Texas Experience So Many Tornadoes?

In the United States, the center of the country is the area that experiences the highest number of tornadoes. This is because of the specific geography of that area of the country.

Texas has the ideal conditions for tornadoes to develop. Tornadoes are created when humid and warm air comes into contact with dry and cold air.

The Gulf of Mexico provides warm humid air and dry mountain air is pushed east from the Rocky Mountains. These combine to make the perfect conditions for tornadoes. Texas experiences more tornadoes during tornado season because these environmental conditions are just perfect during those months.

How To Stay Safe?

If you live in Texas or are visiting the area during tornado season it is very important to be aware of the things that you should do to be safe and protected. (Also see ‘What Happens When You’re Picked Up By A Tornado?‘). Here’s what you should do to stay safe during a tornado:

Take Shelter Immediately

Take Shelter Immediately

If there is a tornado warning, or if you notice signs of a tornado, you should make sure that you take shelter immediately. Sometimes, a tornado can come on very quickly so make sure that you look out for some of the following signs:

  • Approaching cloud of debris
  • Dark skies
  • Large hail and a loud roaring noise
  • Rotating funnel-shaped cloud

You should also make sure that you are tuned in to a local radio station or are keeping an eye on the TV stations to make sure you are up to date. Seek shelter as soon as you see any signs and alert others of the threat.

Where Should You Take Shelter?

At Home

If you are at home you should head to the basement or a room without windows in it. Make sure that you’re as far away from any windows as possible and that you stay on the lowest floor in your home.

It is a good idea to have a place where your family knows to meet if there is a tornado. Make sure that no one is taking shelter in a room with heavy objects that could fall on you. For extra protection, get under a workbench or a sturdy table.

A Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home you should head to a nearby building. It isn’t safe to stay in a mobile home during a tornado, so you should make sure that you leave and go to a tornado shelter or sturdy building nearby.

You should head to a building that has a basement. If you are not near a shelter, leave your mobile home and lie flat in the nearest ravine or ditch.

At Work Or School

Every school or workplace will have a tornado drill in Texas as they are so used to experiencing tornadoes. Ensure that you are aware of the tornado drill in your area and make sure to follow it.

Always stay away from windows and stay away from large open rooms. Stay away from gyms or cafeterias and head to a room that does not have any glass in it so that this doesn’t fall on you.

Make sure to cover your head to shelter yourself from any debris.

Mall Or Theatre

If you’re at a theater, gym, or mall you should make your way to the lowest level of the building as soon as possible. Get away from the top floors and stay away from any windows.

If you are unable to do this, you should get under chairs or heavy tables and stay away from falling debris.

If there is a basement this is the best place for you to be. There are no windows so you will be safe from flying debris from any buildings that cannot withstand the tornado.

In A Vehicle

You should never try to outrun a tornado no matter what vehicle you are in. Instead, head to a shelter close by. If you are in a vehicle during a tornado you are in danger so make sure you act quickly and remain calm.

It is very easy for cars to be thrown around by a tornado. If you can’t make it to a shelter before the tornado reaches you, stop the car and get out. Seek shelter in a nearby ditch and cover your head.

You should stay away from any bridges. You can also choose to stay in your vehicle but get down and cover your head.

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornadoes can be very dangerous depending on their severity, so you must be aware of the tornado drill in each building you enter.

Here are a few important tips to follow if you experience a tornado warning or see any signs of tornadoes. The safest place to be during a tornado is in a shelter underground.

If you don’t have a basement or a shelter, then you should head to the lowest floor of your house and find a place away from any windows. Make sure that you are not near any doors or outside walls either.

Cover yourself with towels and blankets during the tornado to protect yourself from any debris that might come your way. Make sure that you cover your head with your hands for extra protection.

If you live in a block of flats or apartments don’t stay on a high floor of the building. Instead, head to the hallway and stay on the lowest floor possible.

Final Thoughts

Tornado season in Texas occurs between April and June. Most tornadoes happen during this time. Texas is also the state that experiences the most tornadoes on average every year. This is because of the weather conditions in the area.

Texas experiences a lot of tornadoes so it is very important to make sure that you know how to stay safe if a tornado hits your home. Tornados can be very dangerous so it is important to know how to keep yourself safe.

Andrew Capper